Dream #504

I was climbing a complicated jungle gym in the middle of a park setting with a boy from my elementary school. Someone I didn’t recognize had previously chased me down and something unclear and stressful had happened. The jungle gym was constructed mostly of wood planks and navy blue coloured metals. There were children scattered around the park and playground, a mix of students from my elementary and high school. At one point I had been next to an older adult and we discussed nominees for student of the year.  Some of the students at the playground were wearing uniforms and others weren’t, there were some I recognized and some I didn’t…I remember deciding it was time to leave the jungle gym and walk around. I walked past a young girl, 10 years at most. She’d been wearing her navy uniform sweater and white blouse underneath. As she walked by I noticed her shirt was entirely unbuttoned and a blue sequined top clearly made for a person much older was being worn beneath these. I passed by confused and wondered why she’d been wearing it. I walked to a different part of the park where I had come across a long wooden boardwalk. At the beginning of the boardwalk was a large concentration of school children playing with giant instruments. I could not understand why these were here in the middle of this pier or how such small hands could strum incredibly giant guitar strings, etc. I wove my way through the group of children and walked alone to the middle of the pier. The sun looked as though it were about to set and seemed particularly strong. I remember watching the reflection on the surface of the clear water. Suddenly I heard Robert Pattinson’s voice and noticed he’d been standing to my right, staring at the water by my side. I watched as he began to take his clothes off and prepare to run off the boardwalk and jump into the water. He asked if I would jump with him but I said no. Before he ran I yelled that I loved him and watched as he leapt into the water. I stared at him treading there for a while before I looked back up at the sun and closed my eyes for a moment. As I looked back down a childhood friend of mine had replaced Robert and I began to feel confused and disinterested. I walked back to the middle of the playground and began to feel overwhelmed by the amount of students surrounding me so I went back to the middle of the pier. Once I reached the same spot I had been at with Robert I remember being passed by 3 girls from my high school. They had asked me for directions and I stared at them and walked past without responding. In front of me on the pier was shrubbery that I could not see beyond. I decided to move forth and continue on through it to see what I would find on the other side. I passed through the branches and leaves and bushes as they scratched my arms and legs. I began to feel a painful itching and burning sensation on my skin as well as a strange stickiness that would not leave, like I had walked through spider webs and poison ivy. I stopped in a small open space and looked up to my right. There was a large black toad with orange markings on its back sitting on a large leaf. As I looked up to my right a smaller black snake with orange patterns was hanging on another branch. As I attempted to move through the plants without touching them I also noticed a small black insect and another orange toad on the pier to my left. I became afraid of these suddenly and decided to walk faster until I had cleared all plants. As I continued walking Christina Aguilera dazedly walked by me, and I heard her say to herself “it’s mothers day and I have a great mother, it’s fathers day and I am my own father.”